Thursday, August 9, 2007

good things!

Yes it is true! Brand New is touring with MeWithoutYou. (No idea who Thrice is) December 6th and 7th are the Electric Factory show dates and the presale tickets already sold out so be alert. Ducat King is the ticketing site used.I emailed them to make sure the tickets were not already gone and was reassured that the tickets will be going on sale and to watch Brand New's website for those tickets.

I'm all tingly inside. MeWithoutYou is quite possibly the best band out there right now. I listen to Catch for us the Foxes and Brother Sister on just about a weekly basis. For a little excellent MeWithoutYou video action enjoy Nice and Blue (pt 2)

In other news the poem I posted to The Heel Press won their Moleskine Challenge for the month of July. Basically I get a sweet Moleskin book with my name embossed in the front. Pretty cool!

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Libography said...

Congratulations on winning the Moleskin prize! It's a really great poem, and you deserve it! But wanh, now my moleskin notebooks, which are decidedly WITHOUT my name embossed, seem ever so slightly less awesome!! ;)