Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Big Green Bookshop

One of my current favorite blogs to read is the Wood Green Bookshop Blog located here. It's unfortunately not in the US but in England and it documents the continued process of Simon and Tim establishing, painting and selling books. They haven't actually gotten to selling anything yet but one of them was at least holding a book in the store so I think that's progress. One of the main things I appreciate about this bookstore is the goal to be a community-integrated establishment. The bookstore involved the company from the beginning buy conduting a poll amont the area schools to determine what the bookstore should be named. see article 1stpage and 2ndpage I believe there is, or was, a second poll done to find out which the best font would be for the front of the book store.
I think what these two "blokes" are doing is a necessary attitude for libraries and librarians to take. It's not simply a matter of marekting yourself to be a part of the community just so people come to your establishment, it's necessary to take a legitimate interest in your community and express it in noticeable interactive ways. At the very least, the individual who came up with the bookstore gets serious bragging rights and probably some street cred. I'm not sure though; it might be different in England.

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