Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Milton versus ShakespeareMilton versus Shakespeare


Milton versus Shakespeare

the best part of this article is the day long reading of "Paradise Lost" in its entirety at Cambridge. That is at the same level of Bloomsday; community reading a shared text that supports a cultural heritage and influences the way a culture reads, writes, thinks and interacts with texts, narratives and myth."He [Milton] knew that myth was a concrete and dramatic rendering of a truth that could be rendered in no other way; and of the validity of that truth he had not doubt."Milton attempts throughout the poem to justify the ways of God to man.  While I have not read Paradise Lost deeply nor in its entireity, the parts I have read show an interesting effect on the historical thinking of evangelicals in terms of how Satan is viewed, especially in the relationship to the serpent and the view of human will. You can read Paradise Lost here.

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