Thursday, August 13, 2009


So today I and another Davis College employee, Josh Ridall, are departing Davis College at 4 pm with the goal of flying out of Elmira, NY at 7 pm enroute to Michigan and then catching a connecting flight back to the Chicago area, getting picked up by a car dealership company in order to be dropped off at a hotel in a town that in 1999 was rated "one of the worst metropolitan areas to live",(bottom of the page) arising early in order to get picked by the same car dealership by 7 am in order to drive the two newly purchased vans from Illinois through Indiana, Ohio, PA and into NY for 11 hours and 35 minutes where our route will take us through Cleveland for much of Ohio parallels Lake Erie eventually shuttling us onto Route 86/17 in NY which is easily the most interminable road that I've ever driven on so in order to stave off sleep/boredom/fading off the road my drive will be accompanied by Kerouac's On the Road being read by Will Paxton which was chosen because it was the best audio book available from the local library that was also long enough to cover the entire drive.
Adventure on!

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