Monday, November 30, 2009

Latest bit on Google Books

Here's an article with some of the latest developments and intrigue on the GoogleBooks continued drama: CLICK THIS. I'm not sure how I think about this except I keep coming back to two things. 1) The 'socialization of texts' while helpful for searching should not be consolidated into an entity who is in fact a for-profit company that desires to make money. In my opinion, and has been expressed elsewhere, it is not healthy nor ultimately beneficial. Unfortunately it seems that only an entity who has the money-making power Google does is able to  sustain such a large project, especially as Microsoft and others have dropped off the pace.
2) Who stands to ultimately benefit from this digitization? Do books in digital form actually circulate better? The Kindle is not exactly spreading like wildfire though it does seem to be picking up steam. These questions keep getting rehashed and I don't know what the good answer is.

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