Monday, August 2, 2010


1) Check out my post over at Cinfolit (cinema+information literacy). It's short but sweet. Hopefully Cinfolit is going to be an excellent source of info-lit/video ideas in the coming future.
2) Was at the Newport Folk Festival this weekend. Highlights include meeting/getting CD signed by four out of five members of O'Death whom had everyone was out of their seats, standing in the aisle for their last song of an amazing set, shaking Bob Boilen's hand (2nd year in a row), saw Steven Thompson of NPR fame at the April Smith set, fairly certain we saw Ben Sollee leaving Saturday night sitting on a park bench playing gorgeous cello music for the harbor evening, briefly met Jeff Prystowsky of The Low Anthem (where briefly met means tapping him on the shoulder as we hurried past yelling great set man. It may not count as meeting but it still counts as awesome.), and fairly certain we saw Joe Kwon (cellist for The Avett Brothers) as we left Sunday night. Edward Sharpe threw it down and you can catch their set here via NPR to stream or download. What you don't hear is the ten minutes it took the people to get pulled out of the front and center aisle which were supposed to be cleared for fire code by the combined forces of muscled security personnel and flat-brimmed state troopers (Images 32/33 here)
So much musical goodness. It was awesome.

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