Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Not to brag but...

So this sweet stack of books represents all the Christmas and birthday goodness visited upon me via relatives and family and the HTML Giant book exchange which I seriously made out on in terms of what was received. There are books from Anthology Used Books in Scranton PA as well as the Strand while Amazon also has an appearance.
My goal is to write up some more extensive book reviews but we'll see. Time is now a precious commodity with the semester starting.
Real quick-like:
1) The Orange Eats Creeps was one of the most far out, trippiest, mind-blowing language trips I've taken in a while.
2) DFW's Brief Interviews with Hideous Men was more hideous than I could have imagined. It's easy to get desensitised to this work if you only spend time listening to the available audio interviews or think about the movie. There's a significant icebergian amount of material underneath those stories that makes your brain start to do loops after a bit.
3) Fate Time and Language is really hard slogging. Really hard. First time I've read Taylor and my first thought after finishing the Fatalism essay was "I'm glad that was short because I'm going to have to go read that again a couple dozen more times." It's a good thing to work at knowing it's just a bit of work.
4) Here's a picture of my bonsai tree. It's currently in a state of rest.

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