Thursday, March 17, 2011

Things I've been reading

1) The Force Acting on a Disparate Body by Christopher Rowe. This is a truly lovely story with a sort of trippy, state of consciousness, points of interest story. It's interesting how as the bodies of water get bigger the amount of detail about the riding also seems to get bigger or more abstract. The speed of the narration picks up as well with the largeness of the body of water. While the narrator begins his journey there are several minutes/paragraphs dedicated but the Pacific Ocean is crossed in a matter of about a sentence or two.
You can listen to the story being read by Miette as you lay your sleepy head down here.

2) Sven Birkerts has an essay in the new issue of Lapham's Quarterly on the prospects and importance of idleness. It's an all-encompassing essay with some definitively quotable sentences.

3) Rory Litwin over at Library Juice Press has some compelling and interesting thoughts on the use of library statistics in day to day decision making that are worth interacting with and thinking about.

Have sort of discovered Grooveshark which I knew about but the streaming capabilities of the local network, for a variety of reasons, were not really supporting Grooveshark's use. However, they are now. Have been really enjoying Fang Island, really big sound with a lot of different rhythms and mostly instrumental. When the vocals come in they are huge, at least a 100 to a 150 people that mostly consist of open vowels and handclaps. Davy Crockett and Daisy are really excellent.

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