Thursday, September 8, 2011


After my thinking and writing about how the camera effects how we see, here's a bunch of pictures from the flooding in our area.
There is currently a state of emergency and we're really not supposed to be traveling but we were out and seeing how bad it was. Last night I worked for three hours with friends to move hundreds of pounds of tools and fiberglass materials from their plastics plant to safety. Our friends Walter and Kristen with their two girls called us up at 1 am due to the mandatory evacuation and have been hanging out with us today.  They live two streets away from the park in the images below.
 We are up on a hill so that with the lack of rain it's quite tranquil. All of the flash flooding that closed streets last night up here has diminished. Helicopter are periodically  flying over and sirens regularly approach and recede.There are many better images and news reports but these are the shots from my iPhone around Endicott.

                                          This is at Miserau Park at around 7:30 am. The flood wall is the green bank in the background.

 This is the same park about three hours later and bit farther down. The slight rise behind the pool of water is the flood wall. The Susquhanna is just behind the wall.
If you look in the background in the left hand corner, you can see the water pouring over the flood wall.

                                                                Another shot of the park.

 This is is my favorite picture. You can see the water has come up the pole significantly and the sign is just ironic.
People coming out to see the river, take pictures and call their friends to let them know how bad it is.

 The perspective isn't great but the parking lot is lower than the grass you can see in the foreground and the water has completely filled that area.
         This medical building is to the right of the picture of Kmart. They are building sandbags.
                                 National Guard on the scene. Kmart is to the picture's left.

                                                It's never good when the Red Cross  floods.
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jb said...

Nice post. I'm sure in your neck of the woods these pictures are somewhat common, and reported by news and such, but I really appreciated the post.

VanDuzerViews said...

Until seeing your photos I never saw the damage that ensued over at the Endicott Kmart. I knew it had flooded, I just never knew what the area looked like. And yes the sign is simply ironic. I find it interesting that the river only came down over that section of the wall and not the whole area.