Monday, June 11, 2007

The doom of the Luddites

The doom of the Luddites

I think it is hilariously ironic that I am assigned the Luddite group in Cohort 7 as I immerse myself in technology everyday at work; SQL, Microsoft Visual Studio,Innavsys Help Studio to write our Help File, Gotomypc/Crossloop so that I can remote into user's machines and fix stuff, host files, log files, SnagIt Videos so that the programmers can see what buttons they deleted, RDC to make sure that our job processing services haven't crashed, and so on and so forth. I use Google constantly trying to find definition and fixes for errors users receive as well as trying to continue to educate myself. I've been doing this for almost a year in September and I was truly a Luddite at that time. The Internet was a source of amusement; not to be taken seriously. This article, along with Willinsky's book, continue to prove that as much as I immerse, there are hundreds of fathoms beneath me that I have yet to explore. So I will continue to unburden myself of my Luddite trappings to descend and use technology to solve problems.

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