Thursday, June 14, 2007

quick rant

I'm attempting to avoid this for the most part but this is just a quick rant about school. Why in the world is it so stinking difficult to export files from Connotea to ENW? This is ridiculous. Also ridiculous is the amount of times that Koaha keeps timing out. I have to completely clear cache and I can get one record in and then it times out again. Awesome; really. (I'm not even sure where these records are going.)
Other than that; this is great!
Check out this open source project called Sophie which is a part of the Institute for the Future of the Book
As software goes, Sophie is still really rough which the Institute does admit. The help docs also leave a lot to be desired and I still haven't gotten past the first page of creating a "book". I crashed the program 3 times within the 2 hours I was attempting to use it. It's not particularly intuitive either. However, the concept is really sweet and one of the programmers emailed me this morning about the error I forwarded them last night so it was cool. It's worth playing with if you have some time.

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