Thursday, October 4, 2007


Siva Vaidhyanathan is at it again. In conjunction with the IF:Book he working on a book in a progress entitled : The Googlization of Everything. (and why we should worry) (The ironic part is that I track the updates to this using my customized iGoogle page and am typing this entry via blogger which is, you guessed it, run by the Google)
The project is interesting because it invites open interaction by the readers of the blog as well as the opportunity to participate in the project via the forum of open questions. This is old news but I was excited about it again.
so please toddle on over to and add it to your list of favorite feeds and read it as well. It's really not much good if you just hoard it.
"It's not culture if you keep it in your living room." My paraphrase: "It's not helpful if you don't open it.
and read it
and interact
and do something about what you have read."

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