Wednesday, October 17, 2007

It's here

I did it; got the new Radiohead album and it was worth the 7.25 pounds I paid for it. Willingly I might add. Because Radiohead is worth it and because it's what we're doing anyway. We=music fans. We pay for the music we think is worth it; we pay for the bands we want to support and then rip the music for the bands that we are interested in. I do have to confess that I have ripped the last two mewithoutYou Cd's instead of buying them but I plan to make that up in merch at the show on December 7th @ The Electric Factory.
Also, if I have not mentioned it, the In Rainbows album is unbelievably good. It is a fantastic mix of standard rock instrumentation infused with the "radiohead" touch of rhythmic and electronic shifts that inform and support each song.
And please enjoy this. ( I can laugh at it because I get it) Check out more at

Exploits of a Mom

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