Tuesday, May 27, 2008


This is one of those rare posts when I have accrued enough interesting things to give a personal update on things.
1) Memorial Day weekend: Kara and I went out to Voluntown Connecticut to hang out Kara's parents and Lori/Geoff/thor. Hang out in this case means work in the yard which was totally awesome as it was good to be outside. Chip managed to be up by 7 am on both Sunday and monday so I spent the better part of an hour playing ball from 7-8 on both mornings which was actually really really nice. While we were driving to get ice cream on Monday evening there was a house with a large plywood board with a hand painted sign that asked "Did the 4 o'clock thief come yet?" I have no idea what that means but it was a great sign. (It will also be the name of the next band i'm in. "Hi we're 4 o'clock thief" or "Hi we're the 4 o'clock thieves..")
2) There's a link in the upper right hand corner that will, eventually, give updates as I am able on what I'm reading and where exactly I'm at. I'm not totally sure of how it's going to go but it's worth checking out. It requires a twitter account and I'm having some difficulty setting it up but hopefully that's due to the twitter issue happening currently.
3) This brings the total amount of social network type items I am signed up with to 4.
Technically I have a xanga account as well but have not updated that in a while and am not planning on it. My network accounts on these are not simply for fun but also to see what new technologies are developing and how other people are using these technologies.
Facebook is probably the best at this point.

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