Saturday, May 3, 2008

my saturday morning

you may have noticed in the past two hours I've posted more to this blog than I have in the past two months. i'm currently sitting at work, where I've been for the past 2 hours, waiting for the servers to come back online from their new location. It was supposed to happen at 5am. It didn't. But I still got here at 5. The magic of the morning is steadily diminshing. I brought a coffee pot, grinder, whole beans and tablespoon to make some good coffee but I forgot filters so I had to use the company coffee pot which is grungy artifact of really bad coffee making years. Also the coffee pot that was left with it doesn't actually fit. Thus I managed to make the worst pot of coffee I've ever made. I'm currently sitting alone in the office which is rather strange. I did get caught up on most of my blog reading that i've missed as well as reading this morning NY Times. I've been trying to convince myself to do this, that is, get up early and read. The reading has almost made getting up this early worth it.

8:32 am
servers are up and servers are....down. awesome.
and the servers are up and holding steady.
waiting for hardware test to begin/finish; I've should stayed in bed. Was really thinking I would be out of here by 9am and out to the Doylestown Presbyterian Church for their, supposedly, sweet book sale. Hopefully will still make it. I do have a pretty sweet "ridiculously-early-morning-waiting-at-work" playlist going consisting of The National, both Boxer and Alligator, Pedro the Lion, Jacob Golden, Portishead, PatternisMovement, The Hold Steady, The New Pornographers, The Postal Service, Caribou, John Vanderslice, Rage Against the Machine, Zookeeper, Iron & Wine, Unwed Sailor and Thom Yorke. Eclectic and loud.
middle of making sure services are back on. dubservers still down therefore can't test anything ...and servers are down again

and up...

10:36 am
and done.

The book sale was awesome. I got there just as it was closing but they were gracious and let me scrounge. I gave them 5$ and they gave me a paper shopping bag. It was pretty scant pickings as I was looking to round out my collection of Grass and Vonnegut, none of whom were in evidence. It was also the last possible minutes of the sale so that might have had something to do with it. Among the good things that accompanied me home:
snow falling on cedars---guterson
short novels of thomas wolfe--wolfe
the crucible--miler (haven't read it yet)
Galatic Pot-Healer---Dick (according to the first couple pages the character can heal pots; you would pick it up too.)
Trojan Women---trans. Sartre
Mortal Coils---Huxley
The Promise---Potok (a really nice hardcover)
oh that old hotel--mitchell

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