Monday, February 9, 2009

It's here

KINDLE 2.0 released
There's a whole lot of better info out there than this post. Simply Google "Kindle 2.0" and a whole host of information should be available. For myself, until these readers are much, much cheaper ($50-$75) I'm not going with them.
Kara and I were in Binghamton's local indie bookstore on Saturday and it smelled like ideas (really weird ideas but ideas) coffee and print. It has lovely hardwood floors, big plate glass windows so a lot of natural light comes streaming in. While the bookshop is small, the content is awesome! The very fact that they had Grass and Wallace in the same place endears them to my heart. There was also a decent showing of graphic novels, theology, philosophy and a great kid's section. The tactile experience of the shop, picking out your book, purchasing it, eschewing the plastic bag and stowing it, in my case a man-, purse, and carrying the new cargo home to be enjoyed, annotated and glossed is as of yet an unreplicable experience. I finished Shea's Reading the OED and in it he says "I'm not anti-computer, I am pro-book." That is my stance as well.

I would highly recommend A History of Reading by Alberto Manguel. This guy read to Borges as a kid for two years; how is that for a writing apprenticeship. Manguel also wrote The Library at Night which, while I have not yet finished it, is also pretty good. The book itself is interestingly formatted as it is somewhat narrow; I'm not sure if the publisher was trying to push the page count higher so the buyer thought he was getting more for his money. Also Manguel re-uses some material from A History of Reading in The Library at Night. This is fairly forgivable as Postman does the same thing. There are worse thing a writer can do such as resuing materail from someone who is not himself.

*Personal note*
Went for a 2 mile run this evening. Ran the first mile successfully; ran/walked the second mile back. No stomach contents left on anyone's lawn.
Run judged a success.

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