Thursday, February 26, 2009

Via Peter Enns' blogI was introduced to Ken Schenk's blog today. Schenk posed/is posting a series of chapter by chapter reviews on NT Wright's work Justification: God's Plan and Paul's Vision.

Chapter 1: What's it all about and why does it matter
Chapter 2: Rules of engagement
Chapter 3: First Century Judaism: Covenant, Law, and Law Court

I sincerly wish to write one day as Schenk does. He possesses a keen pen and distinct intellect that communicates well and interacts well with material that he disagrees with. This is the mark of a good critic to be able to handle matierla one disagrees with correctly without attempting to flay it out of existence. His writing is informative, direct and backed by some serious erudition.

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Ken Schenck said...

I appreciate kind words. I'll try to keep my occasional flights into sarcasm in line :-)