Thursday, April 23, 2009

Excellent News for libraries and our budgets!!

Oxford is really pulling through and not raising their prices for the following items next year. Very much appreciated; thanks!

This is the email text that was sent out last night:

"In light of the impact the economic crisis is having on library budgets, Oxford University Press has given careful consideration to the pricing of our online products for the next academic year beginning July 1, 2009. OUP's annual subscription increases for online databases (this excludes journals), which covers ongoing product investment as well as inflationary costs, have ranged on average from 4-8% over the last several years. We have reviewed the impact of various price increases on our customers, as well as the results of increases on our not-for profit organization. Oxford itself has not been immune to the current crisis.

We recognize that tightening budgets will require libraries to make difficult choices this year, and we want to help enable institutions maintain subscription services during this time. To that end, Oxford is announcing that our reference and academic monograph subscription product prices will remain at their current levels of pricing, with no increase on July 1, 2009. This applies to institutional subscriptions in North and South America, and includes OUP's reference and law subscription products, listed below:

American National Biography Online

Oxford Biblical Studies Online

Dictionary of National Biography Online

Encyclopedia of Popular Music Online

Grove Art Online

Grove Music Online

Oxford African American Studies Online

Oxford English Dictionary Online

Oxford Islamic Studies Online

Oxford Language Dictionaries Online

Oxford Reference Online Premium, Western Civilization and Literature Collection Oxford Scholarship Online (subscription)

Our relationship with the library community, which shares our mission to disseminate the highest-quality scholarly material to a broad audience, is extremely important to OUP, as is our continued commitment to scholarship. Although we are not increasing prices this year, we pledge to continue the robust maintenance of our online subscription products at the level you have come to expect from Oxford.

Now more than ever, we want to ensure that your institution is getting the most possible from your OUP subscriptions. We are also working on a number of programs and strategies for 2009 to help libraries drive usage and increase discoverability of their online holdings, and welcome your feedback and advice in the form of a brief survey (cut+paste if hyperlink does not work) All persons who complete the survey will be entered to be one of 10 winners who will win their choice of the Oxford Atlas of the World or the Oxford Companion to Food. Thank you in advance for your thoughts and your time.

Rebecca Seger

Director, Online and Library Sales

Oxford University Press"

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