Friday, April 17, 2009

In reply to dave sizemore's comment of 'where did online Jeremy go'

I've taken an enforced sabbatical from the Internet as I've been living in a cabin on a lake for the
past week where there is no Internet access and I don't get cell phone reception. However I did catch a 7'' large mouth bass yesterday evening. The wind was kicking the boat around the lake pretty quickly for the first 90 minutes or so but then the wind died down and the lake was like glass. The water began to reflect the sky and the surrounding trees. Fish started jumping all around the boat at the flies while the swallows were scooping the bugs off the top of the water.
Also this been crunch time for me for master's stuff but I'm basically done at this point. Next week is the last week of classes which is really awesome.
I'll have some more stuff to post next week I think. Been reading some additional DFW interviews and have 2 Postman books to read. There is also the large number of half finished books on my office shelves that need completion.

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