Sunday, April 18, 2010

Coffee Roasting

Roasted two batches today. First batch was an Indian Organic-Jasmin Esteda. Thoroughly messed up the timing of the heat so first crack was incredibly long in coming so these may produce a pretty terrible cup of coffee when brewed.

Second batch: Brazil Cerrado DP (this is actually an espresso bean so brewing this quote unquote straight should be fairly interesting.)
Way better-hands down better in terms of timing and heat. Hit first crack right at about the five minute mark and dropped the heat on burner to the lowest point. The temperature hung right around 350 for most of the actual roasting. First crack went pretty decently and I think this should be a pretty good roast-at least for my level of expertise. My only concern is that I may, in a sort of reaction against the length of time for the first batch, yanked these a bit early. However the bean texture/color is fairly uniform throughout this roast. Hopefully this demonstrates some sort of improvement in thinking and execution of the whole roasting process.
Only have one more bag of sample left-El Salvador, and then will need to order a five pound bag. Need to give some consideration as to what bean that will be.

In other coffee-related news: From Dung to Coffee Brew with No Aftertaste. Who wants a civet?
In non-coffee related news: Recently finished Lanier's You are not a gadget and Lipsky's Although of couse you end up becoming yourself: a road trip with David Foster Wallace. Both require some sort of interaction/review. Hopefully this week.

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