Friday, April 30, 2010


1) This is strangely heart-warming.
2) Installing Ubuntu desktop 8.04 in hopes of finishing the gui install tonight as I forgot that the server edition doesn't install a gui. dumb. I got all the way to the sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop and googling why that didn't work before remembering/reading that the server lacks a gui. bah. This is the problem of waiting 4-5 months between working on these things. The really bright side is that the server is actually in my office making the entire process exponentially easier.
3) Still at work because the Library is hosting Video Game Night from 9pm-12am at which point we will all head over the Cafe for breakfast. Really early or really late-depending on your point of view. It should be awesome. It was good last year and hoping this year is at least as good.
4) Heard this today: "Be fascinated with a subject as a teacher." But what if I'm fascinated by everything? Well not everything but a lot. I.e. I have three books on library service that I really need to read but am continually distracted by the other stuff on writing or technology that is sitting and taunting me from my office bookshelf.
5) Currently barefoot-It's rather nice.
6)William Vollman's got a new book. The title is only slightly shorter than the 504 page work itself. (throat clearing) Beauty, Understatement and Femininity in Japanese Noh Theater With Some Thoughts on Muses (Especially Helga Testorf), Transgender Women, Kabuki Goddesses, Porn Queens, Poets, Housewives, Makeup Artists, Geishas, Valkyries and Venus Figurines. It looks interesting, at least from the review. . Something else I'm interested in-dang.
7) This is just amazing.

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