Thursday, May 7, 2009

Information Literacy as Information criticism

It is not possible to encompass all the possible sources of information so I (we) seize upon the handful, our pet favorites and point out their flaws and graces hoping through
the exegesis of what we know to inspire the student(s), including ourselves to investigate, evaluate and substantiate their research with these and their own sources.
So that they can start to learn through the process of education and become life-long students of all texts.
This is the goal of information literacy.

for myself, reading wokrs like Gass, habitations of the Word makes me want to read everything that he references that I have not yet read. This is not the case for all students but is hopefully the case for some of them and if so, the foundational items that are being broached should be done carefully and with conviction.

"...that now ideas carry bombs in their briefcases." which ones are dangerous. Which ones should be entertained or rejected or defused or set off.

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