Thursday, May 14, 2009

Marked as Spam (thanks robots!)

This morning I received an email indicating that the blogger robots had marked my blog as spam and in order not to get deleted I had to click on a link to prove I wasn't a spammer or spamming or doing anything spam related and in two days they would get back to me. I think I was marked as spam for 1) writing a whole bunch more in the past month then normal and 2) posting back to myself in the process. Which is somewhat ironic as the point of a blog is to post and connect and the fact that I get punished/blacklisted by a robotic automated system based on an oddly stringent bit of criteria, not even a real person no less is somewhat disheartening and black humoresque.
I've been contemplating the move to the Wordpress platform for 1) additional chance to play with my html skills (which are minimal) and 2) to avoid this nonsense and 3) Blogger is owned by Google which 4) means that not only is my email, RSS feeds and home page via Google but so also is my blog. And if anyone from Blogger reads this the move to a quote unquote competitor won't really matter because I wasn't paying for it in the first place as who would pay for a blog when they are free but since they are free I have no leverage when I get marked as spam? Seriously though have you seen a blogg spam site? They look like this which was only five jumps from this blog using the next blog button. To Blogger's credit I went about 50 more jumps and this was the only one I found. However I don't read Spanish, Norwegian or Chinese and thus could have missed one or two.

I just read this, enjoy.
About twenty years ago, there was a lecturer presenting an explanation on the workings of the solar system at the local library. At the end of teh presentation, a little old lady in the back of the room gets up and announces firmly : "What have you told us is rubbish. The world is really a flat plate supported on the back of a giant tortoise."
"What is the tortoise standing on?" the lecturer asks patiently.
She replies: "It's tortoises all the way down."
(P. 27 The Landscape of History John Gaddi [FYI: Gaddis is a genius and this book is excellent.])

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