Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Maps of the Seven Deadly Sins

Maps of the Seven Deadly Sins
"Geographers from Kansas State University map the spatial distribution of the seven deadly sins in the United States. These types of maps are always kind of iffy as they draw from data from various sources gathered with different methods and usually use some kind of researcher-defined metric. Still interesting though...right?" Actually not so much. As there are 1) no criteria what actually determines the parameters of the sins listed, 2) what the actual point of this study was 3) and how in all that is good and right in the world did these people get money to conduct this type of study? Who does this actually benefit? This type of thing comes across more as a sort of ridiculous mucking about with a weird conglomerate of statistics made to do what the researchers wanted it to do. This is simply an empty exercise to distract us from the true issue threatening our country-zombies. Hopefully KSU will have a map on the spread and impact of that issue soon....

UPDATE: Here is an article from the LasVegas Sun which has the best sentence in describing this entire project. "This is a precision party trick — rigorous mapping of ridiculous data."

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