Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I've actually never been to Wordsmiths Books. I've never met these people and I'm not sure I ever will. It's a high possibility that whoever is reading this entry may never make it to Wordsmith, either. However Wordsmiths Books represents a tradition and way of thinking and philosohpy that must not only be preserved but encouraged to flourish. The potential loss of this bookstore is a great loss that should and must be circumvented. This is not simply a little guy versus big guy fight but the continuation of the individual sensibility in the face of overwhelming, flattening sameness purported by such places as Amazon or B&N. These places are not bad but after leaving them any belief or hope in the uniqueness of books is quickly squashed. Wordsmiths continues the presentation and examination of books as unique artifacts; narratives and fictions that help us find and understand our place in the world.
Please seriously consider supporting Wordsmiths Books.