Monday, December 14, 2015

#critlib Homework

I've been thinking about this post since Kevin Seeber posted his homework task in preparation for tomorrow's #critlib feelings chat. *Warning: there are feelings below.*

Why are you a critical librarian? 
For me, #critlib serves as means for ongoing exploration, discovery and curiosity. The crit(ical) of critlib while benefiting from theoretical underpinnings or input does not require those underpinnings. The critical view is looking at library services, place (physical/digital) and philosophy and asking who is excluded by these practices, what unnecessary barriers are in place and what can I, in my role, do to change that. For me the theoretical, philosophical stuff is awesome. Not that I am seeking to get lost in esoteric philosophic discussions. The investigation and interrogation of theoretical frameworks is really interesting to me and to have opportunity to discuss and share info about these ideas is awesome, particularly as I don't have the opportunity to do this in my job.

Why do you identify with these ideas?  
Everything connects. The library is a interdisciplinary space, a juxtaposition of opposites and #critlib is the opportunity to engage interdisciplinary thinking to juxtapose seemingly opposite ideas and see what emerges.
#critlib has proven to be an incredible opportunity to connect, both physically and digitally, with librarians who are thinking about and doing library stuff in really fascinating and awesome ways. The drive in #critlib to push towards praxis based on historical, theoretical and philosophical underpinnings, is I think, essential to ground and understand the current environment in which we operate, how to potentially change that environment and resist as necessary. #critlib is an encouragement that being intellectually curious and a librarian are not separate entities but instead a challenge to how that curiosity and passion can feedback into being a more compassion, generous and caring librarian and individual.

Why do you participate in these chats?
I don't always have the chance to participate in the chats but I often lurk and almost every single time there is the opportunity to at least consider a position, idea or source that I haven't previously. That is the joy and power of #critlib.