Saturday, April 16, 2011

It's Record Store Day!!

(Design by David Sizemore)

April 16th is Record Store Day for which my wife and I have driven to Voluntown, Connecticut which actually has multiple record stores near it as opposed to the dearth of record stores near Binghamton. Granted, the real reason we are here is to visit our new niece but the record store closeness is a nice perk.
Speaking of records my band, Cry of the Scapegoat has our first record out. If you'd like a physical copy, you can email me or go to Amazon or iTunes.

Update: If you're ever in Providence, RI definitely check out Armageddon Record Shop. Excellent collection of local indie/rock and a wide array of tape, CD and vinyl in the areas of metal, experimental/noise, hardcore/punk and some indie. One of the store owners said the shop has been there 10 years which is a pretty sweet run for an independent record store. Friendly guys who are super-knowledgeable and involved in the local process. It was cool to hang out on the fringes and listen to the banter between some of the customers and the owners.
Also check out Myopic Books in downtown Providence. It's a lovely shop with a wide floor plan, 8.5 shelves and an incredible selection of books in most subjects. The fiction and cultural studies sections were incredibly well-stocked for a used book store.
I failed to take a picture but the store also had a Jack Kerouac bobble-head doll for $175. It was a surprisingly good likeness.