Tuesday, May 15, 2007

good and bad

Good-already stoked about the reading for LIS2600. I admit it; I'm a geek. The idea of handling and placing content in context while controlling that content without censoring the content is very interesting. Challenges idea of library being an archive for already released information with the idea of the library fulfilling an active role in the disemenation of information. Fits in with the marketplace of ideas or the mythical museum. With my degree in music, and being a bit of an elitist, moving from the museum to the marketplace is an interesting exercise. I'm pretty savvy at finding information online but being introduced to the world of scholarly e-publications is just incredible. Example follows.

Bad-My laptop bsod'd and is convinced that no os was ever installed. I wasn't even doing anything strenuous to it so I hope I can resurrect it enough to retrieve pertinent information. I think a new hard drive is in the near future unfortunately; such a bloody pain.

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