Thursday, May 31, 2007

like a chameleon

I believe in books; the physical chapters, pages, ink, everything about the physical book I love. The ability to stick one in your pocket, your bag, your car to make sure there is always something worthwhile to read. And then I started checking out blogs and thought to myself, "Self, this is a whole bunch of horrible crap" and considered myself pretty cool for not reading blogs anymore.
Side note: Education is the key to anything. People don't like modern music or modern art usually because of a lack of understanding or lack of interest based on a lack of education. 5 minutes later with a dose of education there is a change in attitude andwhile it's not a complete 360 at least there's less terror in their eyes when you say the word "modern".
If you walked into a Barnes and Noble typically there's a new book table located fairly close to the entrance. Walk over and peruse its offerings. Frankly, most are pretty useless and worth less than the paper they are printed. How does this relate to my attitude about blogs, which has changed, by the way.
Blogs are not designed for what I'm doing here, telling my story. Who cares? Blogs are/should be repositories of links to multiple important/relevant information for other people looking for that same information. Correct me if I'm wrong, but increasing the amount of links for a certain page increases the possibility of someone interested or partially interested in that topic to be able to find that link. If they also read my blathering; awesome. My favorite part about blogs is that I can ignore the bad ones and they don't waste anything except space and their author's time.
Good blogs reveal good/great links to better/greater things.

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