Thursday, May 24, 2007

First: this video, combining power point and voice over is hilarious: you should watch this especially if you just read Kuhn.
I don't really to discuss Kuhn at this point though I do think his ability to look at paradigm was interesting and worthy of further thought. I'm learning a lot especially about how little sleep I actually need and how much I haven't missed the panicked feeling of how am I going to finish this book in time to write the review and go to sleep before I have to go to work. But it's good. A lot of the ideas we're exploring such as web 2.0, libraries, understanding information technologies and so forth have been skirting around my peripheral knowledge and it's really awesome to bring them into the forefront and really understand what's going on. The worst part about the reading is that it's so interesting and I really want to marinate in these texts except 2 am comes on much sooner that I expect.
My one area of real frustration has been these online discussions which were not what I envisioned at all. I was thinking that we would be discussing the class, what we are reading but instead we're dealing with grades, requirements and picking at the syllabus. I understand there is syllabus shock as I get it every time I pick it up but let's read a bit more carefully here and poke and courseweb a bit more as all the information is there. I do spend 50% of my day on a computer and/or the Internet so I may be a bit insensitive but common sense is common sense.

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Hillary said...

I am feeling the same way about the chats. I was hoping for a chance to ask questions and discuss the readings, podcasts, etc., not spend an hour going over the syllabus. Oh, and that video was hilarious and pretty well summed up my feelings about the need for professional development for librarians.