Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I'm seriously looking forward to being a librarian. I've been working on 2 archival projects on the side which is what really whet my appetite for this profession. At least I was working on these projects until I started graduate work. I'm thoroughly enjoying this graduate work though I wasn't completely prepared for the intensity of the amount of work that was needed right off the bat. The worst part is the reading is so stinking enjoyable that I find myself lingering when I need to consuming which is unfortunate. Another item that has been driven home to me in working with the Hot Topic for this week is that I am very bad at working with other people. The one real group project I performed in my undergraduate work was actually a spectacular failure. Hopefully this group project with the Hot Topic discussion goes better; it has seemed to. My fellow Luddites have seriously rocked the boat with this presentation. This ambivalence to group projects directly relates to my feeling towards professional associations. I'm sure this will improve as I research further.

For example:

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