Tuesday, September 11, 2007

how does it work?

There is a good post here about the point of a blog in academic writing from a fantastic blog entitled The Valve which has proven to be thoroughly excellent.
It's amazing how the classes I'm taking are so relevant to our present situation. Check out Mining the Blogosphere at First Monday. Listen to Siva Vaidhyanathan discuss the Googlization of Everything via the New First Monday Podcasts. Vaidhyanathan with his work, The Anarchist in the Library has trampolined himself to one of my favorite author/agitator/blogger/scholar/person I would really like to meet and to be really sauve in greeting but I would be really awkward bc of Vaidhyanathan's almost celebrity status.
First Monday is a valued and necessary place to be accessing information if you're not already using it.

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Siva Vaidhyanathan said...

Hey, thanks.

It's nice (virtually) meeting you!