Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A triad

To begin I'm finally registered for classes after a week of nonsense. I'm about three weeks behind but I knocked out all the work for the one class. God is good as it is all reading and writing which I can do ad nauseum at this point.
1)First part of the triad:why does B&N provide such comfortable chairs? If you walk upstairs, at any given point in the afternoon, there are people in the overstuffed chairs warmed by the sun from the store front windows, completely and utterly asleep. Are their own homes so uncomfortable that they must seek out a retail store to sleep? Or has the purpose of text been relegated to the night stand and afternoon naps as it has lost the ability to compete for the attention of the browsing consumer who is unable to maintain concentration on static print in the absence of visual images. I'm hoping that B&N employees will begin to come around with blankets and pillows at some point.
2) I finished Postman's Conscientious Objections at lunch today. It's very good. I think it is a good introduction to Postman's thinking because it is a collection of his essays and he was kind enough to leave in essays in which he explains certain ideas multiple times which allows the reader to firmly grasp them. I read one of my favorite quotes today while finishing this work which I will share with you.
"A culture does not have to force scholar to flee to render them impotent. A culture does not have to burn books to assure that they will not be read." (pg. 165)
An overstuffed armchair and an overstuffed imagination are sufficient.

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