Friday, January 9, 2009

Apple’s Long-Awaited Shift on Music

Apple’s Long-Awaited Shift on Music

Want to Copy iTunes Music? Go Ahead, Apple Says

As a result of the DRM associated with purchasing records from iTunes, I have not ever bought anything from iTunes. However I'm willing to re-evaluate that stance with this change. I am also a current subscriber to eMusic so that for a set amount each month I have 30 downloads, DRM free, and one audio book download. eMusic is nice because it keeps me from going overboard buying and downloading digital files. For me the now very available digital access is not unlike some people's additiction to gambling: it's very hard to stop and I don't particularly want to especially as the institutions are very willing to take my money. The other nice thing about eMusic being a subscription service is that it forces me to continue to look at physical CDs. I've been trying to amp up on buying more physical records than just downloading digital files.
In a related, possibly dubious note, Barnes and Nobe is now selling vinyl through their stores and online. I'm not sure if this lends them more credentials or not. It's hard not to be nonsenically happy about having such easy access to vinyl through their prices are pretty high and selection limited to stuff you can get used through the Salvation Army. Hopefully they will start capitalizing on the recent push for vinyl by many new bands such as Bon Iver's forthcoming Blood Bank on JagJaguwar. And yes, I pre-ordered the vinyl.

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