Wednesday, January 28, 2009

An open letter to most self-publishers

Self-Publishers Flourish as Writers Pay the Tab

Dear Self-Publishing writer.
It's not true as one exec states that everyone has a book or two in them. Keep your books inside of you. Spend the time instead of writing nonsense reading better literature then what you could possibly hope to craft. Typically there's a fairly good reason that your book was not accepted by a mainstream publisher. It's not that good. There are exceptions to this rule but until the rest of your fellow wannabe writers flood the market you simply are not there. Please know I'm not against the self-publishing model. It is simply that as readers we are already wading through knee-deep manure in terms of output from publishers and mainstream booksellers. Is it entirely necessary to add another six inches of waste from your own stomach? It is simply making the work of finding good* writing that much more difficult and I do not appreciate your efforts in doing so. Please feel free to open a blog.


*I understand that the use of the term good is fraught with all types of issues. For now let anyone you would equate with Steinbeck/Sayers/Postman = good and anyone equated with Atwood/Meyer = bad. This analogy should definitely clear up any issues of good vs. bad writing.

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Jason Sexton said...

Jeremy, you are so right!

I spent about 15 GBP (which was about 30 GBP more than what I should have spent!) on a lame book by a guy named Ian Mobsby called The Becoming of G-d ( First, rubbish like it should not be sold on Amazon. Second, it was not worth my time to consider buying, or reading (but I was a bit clueless on UK publishers at that point). Third, he really had nothing to say, though whatever he did say was said very poorly! And the posts on the Amazon page are sadly misleading. So if it's not Paternoster, T&T Clark, Mentor, Ashgate or the University Press's, and a couple others, I'm nervous. I mean, British food and television are enough ground to struggle. But to have Brits self-publishing! I would rather read the daily blog of a blind monkey - at least then I would know what I was getting!

BTW - Does your dad know you're listening to Wright! I won't tell on you if you buy me a complete set of all his little NT commentaries. (grin)

Hope you're well, man!