Thursday, January 1, 2009

It's the New Year

In the onslaught of New Years' posts ringing throughout the blogosphere one resolution in particular caught my eye. From Monitor Mix, Carrie Brownstein's blog: "Be patient, read and write more, drink less soda pop, continue to volunteer, and be appreciative of what I have." For myself, I need to read and write more and definitely drink less soda but I would also add the necessary desire to continue to grow and mature in my relationship with/to God. Without understanding and growing in this relationship, I think the other things are useless and lack any significant point in the long run. I would like to better understand how the kingdom of heaven is supposed to function now and especially my relationship/required actions to it. I would also like to better understand how community within the chruch should work and help to make it better in whatever church we end up attending.
We'll see how this year goes. Happy new year and peace!

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