Thursday, January 8, 2009

Closed Captioning

I was getting my lunch from the cafe at Davs this afternoon and while
waiting I was watching the news. As the cafe is a fairly public place,
the sound is very quiet, though audible from a close distance.To assist
in understanding what is going on the screen, the close captioning
feature has been activated.

The story happend to be one featuring what Fox proposes to the
important bits of an address by President-elect Obama on the subject of
dealing with the economic crisis. President-elect Obama was speaking on
the economic crisis and its impact on the job market. The news bit
focused on Obama speaking on the government's awareness of the number
of people who had lost their jobs due to the economic crisis and had
been unable to regain employment. Obama then pledged his support as
well as that of Congress to assist these people in receiving
employment. What the close captioning managed to convey was that Obama
had committed himself and Congress to "... help those who who have lost
their guns and can't find new ones." While I do sympathize with anyone
who loses their gun I'm not sure simply giving them a gun to replace
their lost one is the most responsible method. Perhaps, subliminally at
least, Obama is indeed in favor of looser gun control laws and only the
closed captioning could somehow read this subliminal messaging. It's a

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