Monday, January 26, 2009

River Reads Books:The Indie Bookstore in my 'hood

I found out that there is an indie bookstore just 2.3 miles from my current location called River Reads Books. The site is simple but it looks awesome. As soon as it is no longer in the negative temps, I'm taking a walk there after work before classwork jumps me.
What is exciting is how I found this particular place. It was through INDIE BOUND, from which the logo above has been lifted. Indie Bound is a site that gives news, store locators and general awesomeness for independent bookstores. This site is sweet; great photographs, really good resources and they support independent presses such as Unbridled Books which was featured in this really excellent review today in Conversational Reading which is fast becoming one of my favorite blogs. This is a solid interview, good questions and excellent responses dealing with publishing in a recession. If possible, support your independent bookstores as by doing so you will typically be supporting the independent presses. You do have to work a little harder in using an independent press because they are publishing more specifically but once you find a collection of publishers you like, the benefits will be tremendous.

And just in case you were wondering where you might put all of these lovely new books, check out the Bibliochaise. (On the right hand side of the page, select Products and then Bibliochaise.) Feast your eyes!

Totally Unrelated: If anyone has a used classic ten-speed, sweeping handlebars and all that, I would be interested. Especially if it's free.

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