Saturday, January 24, 2009

Citispot Coffeehouse

I'm working on homework in the Clinton Citispot Coffeehouse while a self-described medium is attempting to convince a mother and a daughter of his clair-audio (sp?) abilities sharing audio time with a German-speaking daughter who converses with her Germany-inhabiting mother via web-cam and headset as a young man tells the young woman, not yet his girlfriend, "I'm a jack of all trades" so it might not be a date it might actually be an interview but this does not phase the man directly in from of me from finsihing his second cup of cofee and slowly progressing through his book with singleminded focus that the medium would probably envy if he wasn't lying; a shared singlemindness which the high-school age girl in the opposite corner of the room share in her writing of what seems to be homework of printed articles and notes of music that drift in from Radiohead, Iron & Wine and Bob Dylan sharing the outside speaker for the married couple who shares the corner of the table of the German-speaking daugther momentarily fascinated by her technology uniquely together his legs on the run of her chair with her jeans against his while they listen like I'm typing.

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